New Zealand 2015

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We just returned from Kiwi country and thought we’d share the experience. New Zealand is a very, very impressive place. We hosted long time client and friend Jim Thielen on a free-range, public ground Tahr and Chamois expedition. Jim has hunted Alaska and the West but this was his first big mountain experience, we were actually supposed to be in Russia hunting Tur but Obama screwed that up. I actually think we’re happy he did. Probably the only real favor he’ll ever do us.
The country was spectacular and the weather was brutal. We saw wind that would make Kodiak proud, rain that reminded me of Ketchikan and we busted brush akin to that found in the Chugach Mountains here at home. As you can see in the Tahr pics we hunted in heavy snow and high on the hill for these beautiful rock crawlers. The Chamois country was a little more tame but more vast, read a ton of walking. Altogether we hiked 25+ miles in the Kiwi backcountry and loved every minute of it. Jim earned his first mountain trophies and they were both fantastic animals. Jim’s guide was a local super man of sorts. The Kiwi’s are double tough and a great bunch of people. I was lucky enough to catch up with a couple of the slower critters myself.
A hunt in New Zealand could be made as tough or as gentle as anyone desired. I’ve never seen a place with so many legitimate options for honest to goodness hunts. We found what may be the best free range Red Stag and Fallow Deer hunting on the island and we’re headed back next spring for that endeavor. I get emails all the time from clients/friends saying to keep them in the loop on hunting opportunities, well this may be one of the best opportunities out there. For all those who don’t like the Stan countries (you know I still do) this is the most adventure you can possibly get in the safest country you could possibly get it in. The people are fantastic, the country is spectacular and the game is plentiful, it is a hunter’s paradise. And there are a million things for the family, wife’s and/or girlfriend’s to do if they aren’t hunting.
Hope everyone is doing great. Enjoy the pics and Happy Hunting!
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