After guiding for 15 years in Alaska, I’d lost sight at how much gear has improved. With hunting gear changing so fast, it is great to have someone who keeps me in the know on the very best. Being more comfortable in the field gets more important each year. The tent, sleeping bag, tent, and base layer to shell system you designed performed flawlessly. All of my hunters were completely satisfied with their gear as well. Thank you for the fantastic service and giving us someone to trust!”

– Billy Molls | Guide

After I booked my Brooks Range Dall sheep hunt, I made a lot of phone calls. The most important and beneficial was to Mike Monnin of CaptivateM Outdoors. After going over the clothes/equipment I already had, he made some suggestions. I purchased the Sitka Mountain pants and 90 degree coat, and boy am I glad I did. The Sitka gear performed flawlessly. Extremely durable, great fit and a convenient zippered pocket everyplace that I needed one. Mike eliminated all the guesswork on what gear I needed to succeed on my hunt. ”

– Huck Welch | Brooks Range 2011

Mike, your new gear recommendations for this years sheep were SPOT ON!!! The First Lite merino wool is the best piece of gear for odor control and comfort that I have EVER experienced on an extreme backpack hunt. We were dealing with nighttime temperatures around 18-20 degrees and my sleeping bag wasn’t cutting it. On your suggestion, I purchased the MontBell lightweight jacket and pants. Not only did they get me through the cold nights, but I slept in comfort. Another real plus with your MontBell gear was glassing for sheep, I would slip on the MontBell gear over my First Lite wool, followed by my Sitka Gear and withstand the wind and cold for hours! I bought a set of First Lite wool for my hunting partner and he raved about it the whole trip and he’s going to purchase a MontBell layer as well. Brent couldn’t believe the extreme lightweight and user friendly applications of your new products. Mike & Martha, you definitely do your homework and research for new gear and products that exceed my tough expectations in the field. My life depends on it! Thanks a Ton!!

I was extremely fortunate to harvest a mature Dall sheep with my selfbow this Sept. This was Day 4 of the hunt, hiking 13+ hours a day. As you can see, my First Lite is on, my Sitka over the top, my MontBell safely stored in my backpack. This combo allowed me to hunt hard and get within 20 yards of this ram for the shot of a lifetime!

Thanks again M&M. Be safe and Good luck hunting this Fall!”

– Jeff Falkner

It’s hard to sum up in a few short sentences, but I was more than happy with the gear you set me up with this year. The First Lite Merino wool long johns and long sleeved shirts were vital. I wore those shirts more than any other piece of gear. It truly was like magic- keeping me warm when it was cold on the Peninsula and making me feel cool when I was hiking in the heat of the Brooks Range. Only 4 days ago I was actually wearing it while we spent two days salvaging an airplane that went thru the ice in temperatures of 20-30 below zero. The Sitka gear also performed as well as I had hoped. I sure love that Stormfront jacket. From spring grizzly in Western Alaska to Dall Sheep in the Brooks Range to brown bear on the Alaska peninsula, I worked the gear hard. I’m not easy on anything because if there’s one thing I hate worse than being charged by a grizzly, it’s having bad gear. Knowing how much you are into all aspects of “the hunt” is assuring because I know you guys will only use and recommend the best gear. Hunting is your lifestyle, not just something you take casually. Thank You!”

– Jon Burrows

When I live out of a single person tent, sleeping on shale rock, guiding sheep hunters for 45+ days a year in Alaska; quality gear is an absolute must. The crew at CaptivateM Outdoors is professional, innovative, and scrutinizes the fine details to custom design a specific gear/garment combo to fit your particular needs that will be unrivaled anywhere else. They have the hunting experience from Mongolia to the lower 48 as well as years of hunting in Alaska. Simply put, they know what works and what doesn’t. Personally, I’m a “hard-sell” when it comes to new gear on the market as I’ve learned a lot of things are surrounded with an extensive amount of marketing hype that doesn’t always live up to my level of expectation when put to the acid test. That being said I’m thankful CaptivateM Outdoors custom designed a remarkable combination of gear for me that kept me warm, dry, and comfortable. They are personable, easy to talk to, and a pleasure to deal with. I am thoroughly impressed with their service, and I think you will be too. ”

– Rick French | Alaska Alpine Outfitters

For years I have liked the quality gear hitting the market like Sitka clothing. I had never really used it as a “system” but instead I just had a few select pieces. Then in 2011 Mike at CaptivateM started telling me about how well a system works when it’s built for your specific hunting needs. I told Mike to set me up a system and that he did. From the First Lite Merino wool base layers, Sitka clothing, Montbell Down Jacket to the Sitka Rain Gear this system works awesome.

It’s not so bulky that you have to pack a ton, but still gets you through your whole season. I wore mine for my bear hunts in the spring sitting in treestands, during my August archery antelope hunts, September elk hunts, and October and November deer hunts and it never let me down. I even wore it on my mid winter trapline many days and it worked surprisingly well.

If you are planning a big hunt this fall give Mike at CaptivateM Outdoors a call and let him help you with your system. I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

– Zach Bowhay