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What is CaptivateM Outdoors?

CaptivateM Outoors is a customer service oriented company, owned and operated by husband and wife team Martha and Mike Monnin. We have created CaptivateM Outdoors to help outdoorsmen and women get the gear they need to improve each and every outdoor experience. We love to be outdoors, and through our experiences we have discovered that good gear is essential to every outing. All too often we hear stories of those who have been successful or completed a hunt in spite of their gear. We hope to change that so all of us can be successful because of our gear. We have designed systems that work well for all mountain hunters: sheep, elk, deer, sheep, goat, etc. We like sheep. Time outdoors, on the mountain, or in the stand is too valuable to be ruined by a simple gear malfunction. Mother Nature loves us, but she isn't always nice to us. Knowing that you have a clothing system that can handle anything you may face, gives you, the hunter, the confidence you need to succeed.

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