C.O.R.E. Membership

CaptivateM Outdoors Research & Experience (C.O.R.E.) Membership

Each year we put our members in the best gear, on incredible hunts worldwide and provide the most up to date info for tags, travels and tips etc. Members have direct access to us, in whichever form of communication you prefer, whether that's a phone call late at night, or a text message during the day. If you have a question or need assistance in anyway, we are here for you. Tag applications through taxidermy we're here to support your endeavors.

Because of the intense level of service we provide, membership is capped at only 300 Hunters.

Full List of Member Benefits

  • Unlimited Access to our Hunting Consultants
  • Your Choice of Communication Channels
  • Access to CMO Hosted Hunts
  • Exclusive Hunt Logistics Planning
  • Personal Hunt Consultations Regardless of Booking Preference
  • Highly Personalized Gear Packages
  • Access to Exclusive Content and Gear Lists
  • Members-only Discounts on Gear and Hunts
  • Access to Members-Only Private Facebook Group
  • First Opportunity on Cancellation Hunts

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We reached out to a few clients to ask what they thought about the C.O.R.E. Membership. This is what we got back:

John H.

For anybody who loves hunting C.O.R.E. is totally worth it.  Unless you are just a DIY hunter there are just too many outfitters and sales people out there to know whats good and bad.  I have been on two bad hunts and learned some lessons.  Having somebody who has done it themselves and knows lots of people, their information is invaluable.  I would loved to have paid $300 more on the two bad hunts to have a better experience.  That would have been a bargain.
Of course it makes sense to me because I know you.  I know you are honest, have good contacts, truly love watching people have great experiences.  
When I first met you I think I would have joined for the gear discount.  I bought almost all of my first set of sheep gear from you.  A discounted price would have covered a lot if not all of the first year so it would have been totally worth it to try it out.  It wasn’t a few months later and I got a spotting scope from you.  You helped me decide on a tripod.  Etc.
That would have got me hooked.
Of course after the next hunt I would have become a life time member.  The hunt in Kazakhstan was perfect.  A great experience.  We saw a huge number of game and had a great set up.  No horror stories that you hear about.  
Since I know you now it is simple.  The knowledge is invaluable.  It avoids the bad hunts and I don’t have to worry about anything.  I know the price will be fair.  I know that everything will be as up front as possible.  As things come up that is just part of overseas hunting but it is set up the best to anyones ability.
You can never win on the things like shipping of trophies, broker fees, etc that are all part of it and you don’t have control over.  I hear people complain about things like that all the time and I am not sure what they expect.  They say they want an all inclusive price but then they want to compare it to the cheapest hunt out there.  If they buy the cheapest one they then complain about the add ons.  Additionally it often is not a quality hunt if that is the group they are trying to sell it to.  
The group that just wants a quality experience and a fair price is the happy group.  In reality I know your prices are cheap and you get fair and quality on top of it.
I think of how many people ask me questions, seem interested, etc.  Of course I send them all to you.  
Even when you look at Kuiu it would be hard to know what to buy if you haven’t done this before.  What grade of rain gear, which pants, etc.    Things like montbell puffies that are better and cheaper.  Packs like stone glacier, etc.  Having somebody who can do all the brands and end up with the best possible set is so worth it, lighter, and cheaper. 
Happy CMO Customer referring to the CORE Membership

A Personal Message From Mike & Martha

Here at CaptivateM Outdoors our passion is helping hunters: Gear, Hunts, Logistics and plain old-fashioned good advice. We are very excited about this Membership Program, we will be able to focus all of our attention on a defined group of men and women. We will be working for YOU in every aspect. Our mission is simple, make every hunt better. That could be something small that makes a big difference or something big that changes everything.

We are dedicated to your success. We're committed to improving every adventure our Members experience.

Happy Hunting!

Martha & Mike