Montbell Sleeping Bag Review

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Mont-bell Super Spiral Burrow Bag 0 degree sleeping bag review

I love and work in  the great outdoors and with the help of the Burrow 0 degree bag I was able to appreciate it more. As a guide for our Outfitting business I put gear to the test again and again, and I was really blown away by the bag I got from Mike at CaptivateM Outdoors.  I have tried many bags in all kinds of weather conditions; this one takes the blue ribbon in my opinion.  Mont-bell uses a spiral stretch system that allows the bag to move with you.  I found myself to be considerably more comfortable and my temperature was better regulated.  (Typically I contend with cold, dead space in my bags; due to my shorter height.)  The overall construction of the bag is well done, with the neck baffle to reduce cold air from entering the bag it is kind of like a tuck in bed from your Mom, to the zipper protector so the zipper does not catch on the material, to the packing size.  From hunting for Sheep to Elk hunting, I was pleasantly reminded every morning I crawled out refreshed and rejuvenated that this bag is a superior piece of equipment. I was so impressed we are now going to buy the smaller more packable goose down Mont-Bell bags for back packing and fly in hunts. I might add that I also am a Manager for a large sporting goods store here in Montana and I know quality products along with functionality and Mont-bell products meet all of the requirements I demand for our lifestyle and job.


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