Three great new hunting packs that deliver massive load hauling coupled with the latest lightweight technologies. Hunter tough, with reknowned Kifaru comfort.
Function and design: Timberlines are purpose-built cutting edge packs for on-foot hunters anywhere on earth. They are surprisingly lightweight while offering the very best in load comfort. There are three sizes so you may select which one best suits the duration of your hunt. All will accomodate your optics and any other technical gear in precisely the same at-hand manner. They are built of rugged 500d Cordura–doubled where necessary. The standard frame elements are our proprietary composite stay which are exactly the same strength as the legendary frame components in the rest of our packs but considerably lighter in weight. The Timberlines also feature our new hunting PALS webbing matrix–unique to Kifaru–which allows secure attachment of our many optional pocket add-ons should you need additional capacity.