CaptivateM Outdoors mission is to provide every hunter a gear system that is tailor fit to their individual hunting style. Taking into account terrain, favored hunting methods, climate and body type. We have combined the finest lines of clothing available, Sitka Mountain Gear, First Lite wool & MontBell to create multiple combinations that if used to full potential will get you through any hunt. The Merino wool offered by First Lite is of the finest quality and allows us to utilize all the desirable qualities wool has to offer us as outdoorsmen and women. The Sitka Mountain Gear is the best outerwear in the industry. Sitka is the original technical hunting gear manufacturer. They strive to evolve and never settle for what works, always researching, testing and developing. These garments will benefit everyone. The MontBell line-up gives us several options for insulating layers, sleeping bags and technical gear designed for all of us. For those women who don’t like to wear men’s clothing, we can gear you up. To go along with the best base, outer & insulating layers in the business we’ve added Kenetrek Boots. Kenetrek offers a boot for almost every hunting scenario imaginable. They, like us, strive for the finest customer service and the finest product possible. We’re proud to work with them. This year Kenetrek is offering a sock line, these socks will go one more step to completing our Systems. These socks are mostly merino wool and will be a great addition to your gear. No proper mountain adventure would be complete without Hilleberg Tents and Swarovski Optiks, we have those as well and we’ll help you pick the right model for your adventures.

We here at CaptivateM Outdoors love to talk about gear. We enjoy input on how gear is being put to use, how gear can be improved and helping to sift through all the gear that is available. Give us a call and let us design a hunting system that will help you succeed!