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Lathrop & Sons

Lathrop & Sons is not your run-of-the-mill mail order footwear company. They’re not salesmen, they’re outdoorsmen! When you call you won’t get somebody peddling products that they have never used, or better yet even know how to use. No call centers. No answering services (a lot like CaptivateM Outdoors). You will speak directly with either Stephen or James, two of the owners, or Dusty, a local from our small town whom they have infected with their passion. Couple these facts with over 50 years of specialized footcare training and it becomes obvious why they are a step above the competition.

CaptivateM Outdoors is working with Lathrop & Sons to assure our customers have access to the very best gear available. Stephen and James are the foot pro’s, hands down, no questions asked. Check out the few options we have to share here on the website and if you are interested in stepping up a level in footwear, give us a call and we’ll make arrangements for you to talk with Stephen and James.