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CaptivateM Outdoors and Kifaru have teamed up to guarantee that CMO customers have access to the very best gear on the market. We believe Kifaru offers the best backpacks on the market for our hunters, but we have many reasons to use Kifaru products. After you read the letter below from Patrick Smith you’ll know that Patrick shares the same passion and ideals for gear, life and doing things right that we do. Call or email today and we’ll get you into the best packs around.

About Kifaru

Gear for Life. Ultimate, long term value.

We’ve been crafting back country gear since 1978, and as far as we know, all our products, even decades old, are still in service; they just don’t wear out.

Being a small company, we keep a critical eye on quality control for the highest performance. No foreign sweat shops, no passing the buck. Every dollar you spend with Kifaru stays right here in the United States, instead of fueling foreign economies. The taxes reaped from our sales and salaries support our infrastructure and communities – not those in Asia or Latin America. This gear will outperform and outlast anything made offshore – period. Drilex thoroughly trumps Coolmax, as genuine 1000d Cordura trumps all off-shore imitators.

Colorado, once a Mecca of backpacking innovation was home to companies like Lowe Alpine, Gerry and of course, Mountainsmith. Once those shops sent their production offshore, they gifted us a large pool of expert, industrial sewers to choose from; among them, many Mountainsmith pack builders who are long term (decades) staff – that says a lot for a company! Buy this gear with confidence – it’s based on three decades of knowing what it takes, and has been thoroughly torture tested.The skill and dedication of our American staff ensures we build the very best gear with a continuity unmatched anywhere.
Being a direct-to-customer firm, there is no need to out-glitz the gear on a dealer’s wall – allowing us to design for what actually does the best job of comfortably carrying very heavy loads in trail-less terrain in the middle of nowhere.

Kifaru has succeeded in the marketplace via word of mouth – the offspring of mountaineering technology meeting the demands of hunters and soldiers and “Opening the Outback” for those who seek adventure on foot.

Integrated Systems Approach.

Coordination is the key to success, so our products are designed to be as versatile as possible, and to integrate with other products you might already own.
Our Integrated Systems Approach lets everything fit everything else, and is expected to function superbly at as many tasks as possible – Modular and Multifunctional is a slogan around here.

This is costly gear. Nevertheless, serious users quickly acknowledge that the cost-to-benefit ratio of their Kifaru gear is quite high – the gear, quite simply, is well worth the investment. Can you buy gear for less money? Absolutely! But, at what cost?

Patrick Smith, President, Kifaru International

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