The Jannu is that rarest of combinations – tremendously strong and exceptionally light.

Tent Profile

The Jannu is our strongest, ultra-lightweight dome tent model, and is in some respects the ultralight version of the Tarra, but with only one entrance. At the same time, it is very much its own creature. For while it is an Ultralight tent, it is nonetheless ideal for harsh, high altitude use, and both exposed and/or above tree line terrain and protected conditions in all seasons and all weathers. Its compact footprint shines in limited-space sites, such as knife-edge ridges and small ledges, and it is very stable, even in high winds. Yet it is also easily light enough for use on long distance trips where low weight is a high priority. The Jannu’s single entrance and vestibule favor lighter weight over absolute comfort, and its dome design gives it exceptional static strength for handling snow loading. As a result, it is a fine choice both for base camp situations, and for mobile adventures, where you pitch your tent every day.

Jannu Users

The Jannu was designed to be the ultimate, high-altitude mountaineering assault tent. Yet it is still easily light enough for weekend hikes in the hills. Thus, while the Jannu’s strength and light weight has made it the tent of choice for alpine mountaineers, its excellent snow-loading resistance have made it extremely popular with winter campers, hunters, and high altitude trekkers. Its light weight and self-supporting structure have also attracted many long distance backpackers and paddle tourers. And, since it is quite strong and spacious yet also very light, solo adventurers expecting the harshest conditions favor the Jannu, as well.

performance attributes

  • Our dome design is self-supporting, and its innovative short pole sleeve and clip system construction and linked inner and outer tents make for quick, easy set up: only the vestibule requires pegging out, and in nice weather it can be completely rolled aside.
  • Ultralight materials – Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric and 9 mm poles – combined with the three poles crossing each other in three places make for a supremely stable, very lightweight tent with outstanding snow-load handling capability.
  • Multiple Guy lines afford even greater stability, especially as many of the guy line attachment loops are designed to be wrapped around poles or pole crossing points.
  • Guy lines on the vent cover add yet another level of stability to the tent.
  • The interior is quite spacious thanks to a near vertical inner tent entrance, and only mildly sloping walls.
  • A single entrance and vestibule afford easy access and plenty of storage space, but keep the weight very low.
  • The entrance itself is asymmetric, and allows you to enter and exit from either side or from the end, so you can nearly always get in and out in the lee of the wind.
  • The Jannu’s ventilation system functions regardless of weather conditions, since the inner tent fabric is both highly breathable and water repellent, and since there are roof vents in the inner and the outer tents, both of which are accessible from inside the tent. The inner tent vents can be opened or closed completely, and are no-see-um mesh backed by zipper-adjustable fabric panels. The outer tent vents can likewise be fully opened and closed, and have integrated panels of highly water resistant, air permeable and snow-proof fabric, which allow air to flow freely even when the vents are zipped closed. A separate vent cover ensures that the weather stays on the outside. In addition, the outer tent entrance can also be opened from the top, and the inner tent door has a full no-see-um mesh panel covered with an equal sized, zipper-adjustable fabric panel for greater venting and weather-protection options.