Stone Glacier Backpacks




Here it is! THE pack we’ve been waiting for. Stone Glacier Ultralight Backpacks has designed a pack that we’ve all been waiting for. CaptivateM Outdoors was lucky enough to be around to witness the entire process of this pack coming to life. Kurt Racicot, owner of Stone Glacier, is a good friend of ours. He’s the best hunter you’ve never heard of. Kurt’s taken more big sheep and elk hunting solo in the backcountry than most of us will ever see. Kurt’s 15 years of solo hunts, his desire and passion to be in the backcountry and the necessity to be lighter and go farther all combined to create the Stone Glacier packs. Kurt has an amazing thought process and see’s things a little different than the rest of us. He’s created a pack and a system that are unlike anything you’ve ever carried. As I said I’ve been very, very fortunate to spend time with Kurt and I’ve been carrying some sort of concept or proto-type pack for 3 years now. It’s taken Kurt 4 years to develop and perfect the KRuX frame and the bags that accompany it. The bottom line is Kurt has built a full functioning pack that weighs 3.5 pounds. 


He’s developed the Ultimate, go in light come out heavy combination. Necessity is the mother of all invention and it was necessary for Kurt to be lighter and more functional to go farther and stay longer. Lucky for us he’s decided to produce these packs so we can all take our own crack at the backcountry. 


Read for yourself, I can answer any questions you have about these packs or email Kurt at Packs will be available in September.